Blogging Alfred Jarry's Ubu Roi

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Cast to Date

Ubu: Jim Short
Mama Ubu: Amy Gray
Bordure: Nate Smith
Bougrelas: Rebecca Bates
King/Ensemble: Dylan Hunter
Queen/Ensemble: Anne Barenkamp
Rensky/Ensemble: Thomas Kelly
Giron/Ensemble: Jonathan Wright
Cotice/Ensemble: Jonathan Cashon
Pile/Ensemble: Jane Kilgore
Czar/Ensemble: Jazzy Miller
Boleslas/Ensemble: Colin Dixon
Ladislas/Ensemble: Chad Moomjian
Ensemble: Lindsay Johnson, John Gregory Willard

Note: Ensemble players will play NUMEROUS roles. We will sort these out during the first read through, and determine if we need a few warm bodies, or just some hand puppets.

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King Felix said...


Read your comments from September on.

Random interjections ... green candle + contemporary + symbolism = glow-stick.

Add Happy Tree Friends to the South Park and kitty/bunny animated anarchist oeuvre.

Meditate on God Sends The Meat and the Devil Cooks by Barbara Kruger.

Dig the cover of The Invisibles, v. 3, issn. 12, April 1999.